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Universal energy healing

There are 2 kinds of energy on earth, positive energy and negative energy. As well as energy beyond the earth, universal energy, there are pure and impure energy.


It is not that complicate if you have the right intention to learn about universal energy. But it is very profound. It needs good enough work that people do it for themselves so they can understand it.


One thing most people who learn about energy don’t know is about energy of healing, it should be pure energy from the universe, and in the universe there are impure energy as well. You can feel this kind of energy, it is strong, and could be as strong as the pure energy. And you may believe in it, still I don’t see that it proved that it works for long term, which you suppose to be able to do that.


Is anyone can said that they are healed by universal energy healing that they may pay a lot of money for it? And as it’s known by to learn this healing it is quite expensive, by the time, it is no guarantee that it works. And just because it is popular, people believe that they work. And there were not much talk after people tried, that they got healed, that is what I noticed.


Here we will guide you in the understanding way that why it works, and as the tools for cleansing negative energy is very effective, so you will be able to prove. And by the time you use our tools, you will see the point that why other tools that even it is popular, is not work. You may got explanations that they are work, and those seem like that make sense, but if you learn by do the work for awhile with us, you will see that the methods that we offer even more make sense. You can see that there are explanations of scientific theory that make sense in the pass, but later the newer theory can give better explanation and in work better. The truth that we find later and work better now is here. I know that most people didn’t hear and learn about it yet.


Of course if you would like to connect to the pure universal energy you need to purify yourself in the effective tools the more you can do it, the more you can connect for real, which you need to understand human mind and raise your mind beyond human mind, don’t get stuck because you still use human mind. So it must change your view in life to connect with your truth self and the truth of universe. Which human minds don’t go a long with it. Therefore people use to harm themselves and others, and the whole nature (our planet) with unawareness.


There are a lot of things to learn so you find the sustainable solution, that fit you. Let get start by a workshop with us, that will open your mind to the door of the entire truth of the universe.


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