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Behind my work in spiritual field, and to live life in mainly focus seeking on the true meaning of it.

Sharing story that I use on my experiment in life that should be the right attention in human to start when we would like to work on something.   It’s about my intention behind that makes my work on spirituality and mind development; your focus in your mind will cause you to bring anything to […]

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The power of healing school

So if it is like that, then what should be the only powerful school for healing and for life development? I would answer that “it is our world, our earth naturally and our lives”. To live our lives, we must learn, so we understand that what should be the right action and reaction that we […]

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Power Of Healing School

People’s view of life and how much we understand the true of life is very important to be happy and independent. If you still get influent by society’s vision or value and other things surround, then you can’t really be free and be happy with out condition. What is known that will help you, is […]

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