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Behind my work in spiritual field, and to live life in mainly focus seeking on the true meaning of it.

Sharing story that I use on my experiment in life that should be the right attention in human to start when we would like to work on something.


It’s about my intention behind that makes my work on spirituality and mind development; your focus in your mind will cause you to bring anything to you. You are the one who grab things.


I think it should be example even if it is not much be at least it should be what someone can prove with their whole life, on brake her own fear and decided to walk on the way it wish to go to. May be have to face fear and hard situation many time, but since the natural of it’s mind is so strong that it can work in the same purposed to most people. You will be able to do that once you have a family, as your family will support you, and it is obvious for the reason of your duty to your family. But in my style of living life I couldn’t focus in the same way. I must focus on the true value of living life so I then find my inspiration to do things. For me I would rather die if I have to live with out knowing real purpose of my life? I had been focus to learn to know that, why I m here on earth, that why I may live my life just like very stupid like what I share in this video.



The reason behind your action is attract what happen to you. If you think in positive, like the idea of book call ‘the secret’ that it famous and success in selling but did you experience that theory by yourself? And many people, who did not success by use that theory, don’t show up to tell all of us that they had fail from use the imagination for him or herself to be abundance or what ever they like. If there are so many people now know this secret and the theory is really works, do you think the world still be like this (the present world).


From now when I start to share this video, I m going to start to do things that I concern that is not for myself, and now I find that (from video you will hear the story), the reason behind your success and happiness should come from the attention behind that if you want to do it for yourself or for others. That should be a good example for now people success in to balance in living life.


If you focus to do for you self first, then the action will bring suffering to yourself and other easily and in another way round, you will be happy easily, by don’t need much things in your life, you are going to be simply happy, by no matter what had happen, it won’t effect you, the same like once you focus on yourself first. In fact the one who focus on themselves first will be hardly to share. That is not natural mind as people in the countryside are more natural so they can be happy and can be fulfill much easier than people in the city.


The story that I explain, could might be an example of the idea of giving is the idea behind in the mind, and the exist example of the idea of giving will be the first idea, rather than starting idea to get first or to want anything first in focusing mind.


It is my hypostasis of how to success, it should not be the theory yet, since I still going to prove, for the next level, I think I had done my prove on the first level, which that just prove to me that I just then  be happy doing that by myself.


But if I start to think that I should can do more for others, I will need to accept the game in the world in working system that will have money in the of exchange value but still need the energy behind, by loving and giving energy, then I think that once you starting with this mind, you then will blessing to be success much easier than once you have the mind point in another way round in the beginning.


This is what I think it will be the energy behind of successful for the next age. Will start to observe together that if it is true or not.


I start by I don’t know how to work on screen capture and camera video, in the same time, by the time I must need to learn and develop my skill. I will need to develop a lot of skill if I focus on sharing to public and the whole earth, rather than just for me and may be my family that I consider to create. It seems to be harder since you have much bigger focus like that, but if you believe that if you have this focus on you will get blessing and your work may tend to be easier than focus on the old way that we (human mind) use to do, for so long, and that create bad result to the whole planet to be imbalance way, to all about negative, harmful and ruin natural good heart in human.

This photo is the photo I took at the vegetarian festival that they give free vegetarian food there, and it is the picture of Avalokiteshvara Budhisatva that I talk about on the video above.


Yesterday, I had not had food for my lunch, I just eat very little so about 4 pm. I was very hungry, but I had just finish my first 2 video on chanting the mantra of Avalokiteshvara Budhisatva, that in my experienced I find that this is one of the great tools, so I just keep on upload the video.

I had this quick food, almost 5 pm. by the time I still work, I was very exciting to do that though, it is my first time of learning to do something like this, so I must eat something, it is junk food, but I think if I don’t eat them often, then it is fine.


Then on about 7 pm, I went to the vegetarian festival which I found that there are so many food left over, and these food, need to give away so people can eat them, and we won’t waste the food.

I took my camera, so I took the picture of the food there that if I don’t take it to give people then it will be waste then,


I then put them in my basket and a plastic bag, put them on my bike in front and behind me like this




I ride this bicycle to the road, keep asking people to get this food for free, a lot of Thais and 2 foreigners who take these food, once I found that my baskets start to have less food, I then went back to add the food to these 2 basket. I went back twice, so I did it 3 times on just Tapae Road, which is not even get to the middle of Tapae Road, I don’t have enough to give anymore.


I have to save for my neighbor, and some for myself then.

This is a guy I met on Tapae Road who we start to talk and yes, I have got the idea to talk about it in the video I shared above from talking with him.



I get back almost 9 o’clock when I was very hungry myself, but I did not see it is important for me to eat first by the time I need to go and give food for people first. I just had a light food at almost 5 pm. This experience give me a chance to understand in the feeling of happy to do that, instant of think about myself first, I feel so happy, and I find some truth about I give things away like food.

Those food I gave away is not mine, they are in the name of Avalokiteshvara Budhisatva or Guanin so there are a lot of free food there. And I just go and get them to share to people. They say thank you and bring their hand together on their chase to show respect and say thanks to me, but I think it is not right thanks to Guanin, not me.

This is what happen behind this page and the video I record today, I just try to do it, it is my first time, I hope you guys will get benefit from it.

As just the story of last night and actually today I did the same to take food to people as well, I took a lot and gave on the way back home, and this is what I have left for myself.



All of these bring the idea of the story I share in this page and try to record a long video, and upload it, it took my such a long time as I made mistake in the first time, took me long  and fail though.

I think it should be a way to show something, I m just a normal person, not perfect I don’t have much but I just have a heart of sharing. I don’t need to be perfect to be able to share and to give. I know that no one is perfect, I still need to develop many things work on myself much more than now. I still have a long way to go, but what I can do just right now, no matter if I have not much, but I just can do for others, anything I can do to help, to support people to grow.


I don’t need to have them all in me, but I can take from the source that I find and just give like that. It is just like this vegetarian food. So this why I have story to share from story in my life, and it will show you another direction to focus, would it be the right way of true success for humanity or not?


Just an idea that I suggest you guys to think about.

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