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About us

Actually it need me to be the one who first try these tools that I got guidance from our master, which had websites in Thai www.e-nery-lcey.net and www.ssmtf.org

I don’t know before what it is going to be at the time that life bought me to get karma reading. I did not know much information, but even start by that, I had proved about how tools here work more by the time that I might not be serious on practice it much, but still some, for most of the time.

I must experiment myself and since I find it work great and how come it work that well, I started to introduce to people about it for many years, but still in the system, I can’t really organize good enough, since I could not continue in this work always for complicate reasons.

But still I don’t stop this work as I find that it helps people a lot. I m not the one who found or establish this methods, but the methods were already there, which our master will guide until you go high in advanced level if you wish to.

So I m just an ordinary person that had been trying to learn and work on improve my life for very long time, with many techniques that I ha been using. And for now I start to facilitate the methods for our master, which I find is should be the best on earth as far as I heard and understand so far.

I will guide in the mental level and another co-worker will give karma reading, She is our master major student. And if you past on the basic level (cleansing level) And find that it work well you may would like to join advanced course with our master, for higher purpose than just to heal yourself.