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My Thai originally name is Sunee, but as it is not from my parents, but from my aunty (my father’s cousin). It is a very common name for Thai, and doesn’t really have meaning, while most Thai name had meaning. I think that it is too common, for this name and I really did not like to be the same like some body. I like to be me, just me only one on earth that won’t be the same to anybody.

I had changed my name then and still a lot of Thais like to change their names. I then be the same to them in this case, just I don’t believe in to be under any power, no matter what, I like to be independent so I don’t won’t to listen to any astrology, to ask for a name, which the astrologist or fortune teller will give them new names. But for me, I don’t want to have anything influent on my life, so I will be the one who give myself a name,

Many of Thais like to change their name follow the astrology symbol or knowledge, and name represent a person, then finally I got a name what I used now.

I feel like I can direct my life in the way I want, So I think that I can crate my own life to not the same to others but it should be my style, which actually if you work on yourself to real grow, you won’t had any thing impact to you like astrology.

If you understand deeper in how your energy made from, I know that my life made from the element of the earth not the sun. There is somebody else I know who her element made by the same element of the sun, but that is not me, I m just help to shine light of the sun. That is what I understand about me. So now I have this name Shinasamadhi Keuangaew. (shortly is Shiny) I find the meaning in the way I want my life to mean and how it link to my parents the most with this name so. I was called Sunny because it similar to my original name but later I find the I have another spiritual Thai name which I got from higher conscious, that is “Namo” Some Thai call me this name, if you know this word from India “Namaste” in Sanskrit but Namo is in Pali.

In my life, I may have a very hard life since when I was young, it is seem like it hard but it is not much about to work hard like most people who are success in business, you may find that a lot of them are very poor when they was young. I think I don’t need to work hard in the child hood to help the family at least. But I had more condition that make me working hard to learn and understand what actually life is? What is the main work should I focus on in my life? I find the answer for long ago that I don’t want to put my position in the high level for society status, which can consider the image or the “look” of me in the society according to the society and financial status. Because I know that doesn’t bring true happiness. True happiness is doesn’t depend on any image of me -what people think about me, money status, or any other condition out there. But it is all about condition within.

There are always reason for how things are the way they are, it is the same to me. I m always try to put myself independence from any kind of situation that not allow me to be free. It is the way of teaching in original Buddhism. I think it should be from all original religions that want you to connect to your source, not depend on anything out there on earth, our source should allow as to be free even from the star above. How come those kinds of things have influent in your life if you are not allow?

There is reasons for me to, had been serious working on search for the reason that I m here on earth? Why do I need it more than anything-even food? That means I don’t want to live my life since I don’t know why do I need to live my life? I had a hard time to maintain my life so if I don’t know why I do need to continue living? I would rather die than to live for nothing as actually one day I will die. If it’s like that, then why not just die now? Why do I need to struggle to live my life for nothing? Would I just work hard to be able to live, and for just living, then one day I will die anyway?

People have family to live for, people might have someone they love are there, someone who cheer they up, if you are success in what you like, or get high meaning to it. But I don’t have such a family like that. Imagine that if you are just alone, in your life, you don’t really have parents, brothers, sister or your own family that you built. I think it will be the condition for you to think so then what I want to do in my life? Just what I think it will be the most value, and you will live your life for it. Well!! there are a lot of people who seek for companion of life to give their whole life to that person and may be children, that you will live for them. Or would you just have companion In the form of partner, and you still live for yourself, to just search for what you appreciate in life.

Anyway that is my basic thought to make me start to find my own direction of life seriously since when I was 17, however I started to learn and practicing spiritually when I was 15. Which as I live in Thailand, the main answer that you can find for your life understanding is from Buddhism, as the easiest here.

There are many people who search for mind development use tools from Buddhism as many things in Buddhism can help to explain a lot of truth in life. It is no wonder that people feel that Buddhism will help because the main content in Buddhism. How ever I found that it help me to try to keep myself in moral, even though I might can’t reduce my lust, desire, illusion my weak point in my mind or the unstable emotion. It could help me to experience and I could attach in those experience from many retreats.

Until now I find that I understand better about life, life can teach me that, I need to lead me to learn and do all my work on myself to be able to understand better. I had been a nun, the person it Buddhism who should have support from that life’s style to understand better about life. But no, I understand better, which this understand help me better from the tools I offering courses, workshop and activities at the moment, that was through so many mistake and wasting time in my life until then. I now find the right tools. It should not be part of any religion for it’s destiny, but every religions could be part of it, because it is the universal truth, and if those religions follow the truth honestly (like it’s original) then it could be part of it. But if it is a lot of trick and lie, which aim to fool people from the leaders of the world and the country, then it is not part of this pure source energy of the universe. It’s because all of us are from the same source, so we are the same thing and under the same rule.

I should consider me, outside of religions since and in the same time I m in every religions since if they are strict from the original, if they are still pure, not been change by man that want to control the world and use religions for them.

I found that the more you understand the truth of your life and the true system in the nature, the more you find your own peace and wisdom within but this you must understand that you aim to pure stage of mind, you need drive from pure love that why you need to be cleaned so you find the truth, as because we are from the same source, so we are under the same truth. Even though now it is not easy to find the way to the source so you can find this truth, as after thousands years, religions had been changed, but there are still some tools that effective for us to help support us to find the truth ourselves.

I learn so many things from my master, which I found that it is much effective tools here compare to such long time like over 25 years that I just waste my time, but still I learn the lessons. I understand that why people easy to get lost. So now I m here to help people to not waste their time the same as me, the way I offering to guide people.

I might still need to work on myself in the parts that I need to be filled. But in the parts that I had been pass and proved, it was a lot especially I m sure that you will get less and less suffering or struggling if just you understand your life, and how it relate to the surroundings nature, and the more understand of the nature. You don’t just understand through your brain because it had no energy to make the changed deep down in your mind. You need to understand with your realization that it shakes your system to make transformation.

That is the reason why I m here and what you see me doing this things. I know that it is real powerful and it is straight from the source that the center I leads you to so you can find your true self and your true life will start since you work on till you reach it. It is not all come from me but I help you to connect with the great channel, which you need don’t waste your time to work from not effective tools that are everywhere trick people to stuck on.

So it is my dedicate to work on this, it may not easy in my situation, as I can’t do it really like business for money, because that you need invest money for money, but it is about to invest by my energy, time, my willing to confront many hard things that come on the way and I must invest my life for actually the result of release all or suffering in life, you really need to give so much even it might be your whole life (attachment of life), that why you won’t hold suffering that exit on earth. This world if you are completely in the world you are not beyond the world you are definitely need to be suffering like the world is. And to release the world go back to your source is only the way to release and only one way of sustainable solution. If you start in the direct path you will be there not difficult and you will be able to check by see your feeling always since your come close, it should be different from when your are farer.

For the reason above so I m here helping and guide you to connect with what we all should connect to and should be there, at the point that you are really safe.

If you wish to find the true security of life, just follow me to the site and the first workshop that I m going to show you the magnificent system of growth.